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ABOUT “Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar”

Rentar = Rent (Spanish)

Growth of rental industry

Short-term rental of an assortment of products (excluding real estate and holiday apartments) already represents an estimated €108 billion ($160 billion) annual market in Europe and this is expected to grow further as the internet makes it more efficient to find specific items available for rent. 

According to a poll by YouGov, 76% of people looking to rent an item would go to the internet first to find what they need; and this is rising to 88% for those aged 25–34.

It has been widely suggested that the financial crisis of 2007–2010 may have contributed to the rapid growth of online rental marketplaces, such as erento. As consumers are more likely to consider renting instead of buying in times of financial restrictions. 

  • Economics
  • Political insecurity
  • Environmental concerns
  • fast  depreciation
  • more transient workforce . . . and
  • other factors

. . . also mean that consumers are increasingly searching for rentals online.

A 2010 US survey found 27% of renters plan to never buy a home domain Name


$ 3,
$ 3,
$ 3,
$ 2,

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BARGAIN DOMAIN “Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar” 

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Rental cars theme preview “Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar”

Reasons for renting

There are many possible reasons for renting instead of buying, for example:

  • In many jurisdictions (including IndiaSpainAustraliaUnited Kingdom and the United States) rent used in a trade or business is tax deductible, whereas rent on a dwelling is not tax deductible in most jurisdictions.
  • Financial inadequacy, such as renting a house when one is unable to buy it. One may not wish to pay the full price that ownership would need, allowing for smaller payments over a specified period of time.
  • Reducing financial risk due to depreciation and transaction costs, especially for real estate which might be needed only for a short amount of time.
  • When something is needed only temporarily, as in the case of a special tool, a truck or a skip.
  • When something is needed that may or may not be already owned but is not in proximity for use, such as renting an automobile or bicycle when away on a trip.
  • Needing a cheaper alternative to buying, such as renting a movie: a person is unwilling to pay the full price for a movie, so they rent it for a lesser price, but give up the chance to view it again later.
  • The tenant may want to leave the burden of upkeep of the property (mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, etc.) to the owner or his agents.
  • There is no need to worry about lifespan and maintenance.
  • Renting keeps off-balance-sheet the debt that would burden the balance sheet of a company in case the property would have been bought.
  • Renting is good for the environment if products are used more efficiently by maximizing utility rather than being disposed, overproduced and under utilized.

What’s Rent-able?

This is nothing short of a miracle branding domain name for

  • hotels
  • houses
  • guest houses
  • resorts
  • apartments
  • offices
  • corporate premises
  • sport or entertainment venues
  • B&B’s
  • aircraft
  • limos
  • boats
  • cars
  • equipment
  • Formal bridal or other dress rental
  • Movies
  • any kind of rental business

Yacht + Boat rental website theme preview

How Could I Possibly Compete with

Think again. had enormous trademark issues with it’s brand.  Why?

Because “Booking” is too common and general an English word to trademark. So the owners HAD TO market it as “” to gain trademark-ability.

Do you see any other global digital entity using it’s extension INTEGRAL to it’s brand? Google? Facebook? Reddit? Firefox? TRIPADVISOR?

This CLANGER seems indicative of astoundingly poor decision making ability. A trait that  most likely runs throughout many other areas of their business.

Get it right at the starting gate!!  With the help of and an EASILY navigatable and logical site, you’re on a winner!!

Anything Else?

As a category defining domain, instantly gives the owner trust, authority  & credibility.

Utilise to launch a new cash-cow booking site or accommodation business, or to beautifully complement existing branding.

Rentar“is easily trademark-able, globally self descriptive; an astounding branding potential. Far superior to yawn-worthy “”

Hang Onto Your Cape, Clark

Here’s More Why is SUPER…

• Marketable
• Marvellously Brandable
• Meaningful term
• Trendy (Sounds like Renter)
• Suit any rental form Perfectly
• Rare domain name
• 1 short word only
• 2 short syllables only
• Ends in; the most POPULAR extension in the Southern Hemisphere


Sobrenatural meaning numbers

Slogan:“Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar” 
Mo Searches:900
Cost Per Click:$1.37 USD
Whois History:8 records have been archived
Ad Comp’n:Low
Registrar:101Domain Limited
First Reg’d:2013-07-27
Aged:5 years
SEO Score:91%
Terms:264 (Unique: 152, Linked: 24)
Images:1 (Alt tags missing: 0)
Links:7   (Internal: 2, Outbound: 5)
Net Presence:18 Results Google  Check here Rentar
Comment:Effective authority with Search Engines

Hotel booking worldwide is a behemoth!


  • Annual Online Travel Sales (2012)                $162,000,000,000 ($162 billion)
  • Internet Travel bookings per year                  $1,483,000,000 (1.48+ billion)
  • % Internet travel reservations                          57 %
  • % Mobile reservations for same day hotel     65 %
    (ref: statisticbrain)

Annual Figures

United States58,000,000
United Kingdom57,000,000
GLOBAL TOTAL876,000,000

Domain Name Visibility

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 $    950,096AV. SALE PRICE
This is NOT a Misprint ! ! ! 

Even with a heart-stopping Average price near a $ Mill,
blind Freddie can see
“Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar” is FAR BETTER
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So what an awesome bargain you’re getting!!


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So if you hurry, you still have the opportunity to dominate the market with  “”Can’t Be an Ownar, Be a Rentar” 


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 “Domains have, and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man”     Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.

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domain-name_Then further, domain name values accelerate with the success of the associated website. How much would you have paid for a   s t o o p i d comic book name like before anyone had heard of it?

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