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Even Rip Van Winkle knows women shopping on-line is insanely profitable. Worldwide, people from all walks of life shop online every minute. For an encyclopaedic catalogue of products. And that’s up and up monthly, weekly, daily.

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Snuggle into this memorable, brandable, domain name, race-bred to lap your competition. Partnered with a wow-powered, mobile friendly, e-shop, this fully functional money vacuum can draw the plastic right out of women’s’ pocket books. (and into yours)

Simple. Completely modify this racer to suit your product or flip it off the track into the hands of rich conglomerates. Rewards are limited only by your skill and daring.

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Jump on this massive cash cow while you still can with “Cost Cropping Shopping”

It’s easier than you think. So why “Cost Cropping Shopping” ?

Because it’s…

  • Melodic
  • Memorable
  • Marketable
  • Marvellously Brandable
  • Meaningful term
  • Meaningful traffic flow
  • Trendy Reminiscent of famous (Aldi-Like) Kaufland
  • Aged 2+ years (Has Google authority)
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  • Exact spelling, No numbers
  • Ends in; The world’s most valuable extension 
  • Comes complete with dedicated website, slogans, logos, favicons, the lot

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So why this domain? Because it’s…

  • Suits really all types of feminine online shopping
  • Ends in .com; the world’s desirable extension
  • It’s a very honest, forthright and descriptive name.
  • Practical, logical and sensible (unlike GOOGLE, YAHOO, or ZOOSK )
  • Already beautifully “Logofied”, (Even a 6 year old would find it a snap to recall)
  • Already beautifully “Sloganized” “Cost Cropping Shopping”
  • ONLINE SALES, the very HOTTEST non-trademarked niche on the planet
  • Adapts easily to ALL dynamic promotion.
    • __Magazine,
    • __Video,
    • __TV clip,
    • __Billboard,
    • __Public Transport,
    • __Social Media Ad etc
  • Has Unmistakably Commercial, Hands-on intent
  • Comes packaged with the sexiest, most gorgeous, mobile friendly, ecommerce women’s-wear e-store, ever!
  • 51 Pages, 16 Products, 8 Posts

It’s a virtual Turn-key business. Begin Trading as early as tomorrow.Ecstatic Girl Shopping

Toss out your calculators, friends. This offer is I N C O M P A R A B L E to anything else you’ve seen before!

  1. Thoroughly MODERN & professional e-shop.
  2. Puts “Lands’ End” to Shame! (World’s most idiotic, negative name, but World’s Best-converting clothing site)
  3. Meticulous attention to detail
  4. Unique, colourful 3D Photo Logo
  5. Photo Logo is easily recognizable and memorable
  6. Unique, indirect, philosophical Call-To-Action slogan
  7. Even Favicon is awesome (important for Mobiles today)
  8. Unique 1c Online Payment Tester (try it out – 1c Money Back Guarantee) (Fabulous Trust Device)
  9. Free, Super-high converting chat line (HUGE. Most Hi-converting e-stores device ever)
  10. Hi Profit Conversion Optimized. (Designed to Sell extremely strongly)
  11. Fully Editable. All source components and WP tutorials supplied FREE
  12. Freely modifiable to call it your very own shop (Despite what you really sell)
  13. Could suit any physical product, any virtual product or any service (except maybe snake-charming)
  14. 100% Mobile Friendly
  15. Contains Click-Tap contact points (You tap – it rings)
  16. Supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (The future’s here)
  17. Supports Structured Data
  18. New, but already displaying a distinct Web presence (See Downloads)
  19. Includes Comments & Star reviews
  20. “Genuine” sliding Testimonials included
  21. Contains Original relevant, helpful Blog Posts
  22. Sexy Revolution Slider Banner
  23. 20+ Top, top, top WordPress plugins
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  25. Monitored By both Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics
  26. Built-In Clothing Sizing Guide
  27. Complete accounting ecommerce store
  28. Multi-ecommerce payment gateways
  29. Coupons and discounts allowable
  30. And much more. . .

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So be aware. 65% of domain names sold for less than $500,000 will never have a website linked to them. So they just sit on someone’s hard drive gathering virtual dust forever, and costing annual registration fees.

But now, this cannot happen to you. And getting yourself a custom website anywhere NEAR as good as this could set you back some $15,000, and 4 months preparation, bug detection and error correction.

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Searches AvMo:10K-100K
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Whois History:62 records archived since Sep 2010
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Registrar:101domain GRS Limited
First Reg’d:5/10/2010
Aged:7 years
SEO Score:64%
Terms:1595 (Unique: 381, Linked: 1021)
Images:13 (Alt tags missing: 9)
Links:97   (Internal: 81, Outbound: 1)
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Existing Site Traffic

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Blind Freddie can see 
Cost Cropping Shopping
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