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ABOUT “Shooting the Movie Stream Rapids” 

Movie streaming is now a $Billion (with a B) industry and growing like wildfire.

Since 2016, multi-media can be streamed both “live” or “on demand.”


Live streaming is normally provided by “true streaming” where the media information is sent straight to the “computer” device without saving files to storage. On-demand streaming is accomplished via a means known as progressive streaming or upon storage, progressive download.

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DOMAIN WHY “Shooting the Movie Stream Rapids” 


Movie streaming is now a $Billion (with a B) industry and growing like wildfire.

Since 2016, multi-media can be streamed both “live” or “on demand“.

Live streaming is normally provided by “true streaming” where the media information is sent straight to the “computer” device without saving files to storage. On-demand streaming is accomplished via a means known as “progressive streaming” or upon storage, progressive download.

Streaming media is gradually being united with use of social media. Furthermore, streaming media is progressively more being used in social business & e-learning. With high demand, many developers have developed free HD movie streaming apps for those who use compact devices such as tablets and smartphones for everyday commitments.

In their 2015 earnings report, The (RIAA) “Recording Industry Association of America” discovered that streaming services were accountable for a huge 34.3% of the year’s total entertainment industry’s revenue, rising 29% from the prior year and amounting to their largest income source.

With revenue around $2.4 B. US streaming proceeds grew 57% to $1.6 B initially in the first half of 2016 & accounted for nearly half of all industry sales.

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Slogan:Shooting the Movie Stream Rapids”
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